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How to use Growtopia Hack From INTRO Labs


Hi guys, a few days ago INTRO Labs released newest hack tool for android and iOs games for growtopia games. Today we are from have a chance to try that the best growtopia hack.

Who is INTRO Labs?

Based on wikipedia, intro labs is mobile security developer that create hack tools.

Growtopia Hack Instructions

Maybe you have been seen many site that offering growtopia hack, i can say that the others tool is fake. The only working growtopia hack is only from INTRO Labs

Okay so let’s get started, to use Growtopia Hack from getintro just follow this simple steps.

Go to the official website


First, go to INTRO Labs Growtopia Hack website.  You will see the user interface like above picture, very easy GUI.

Click Start to start Growtopia Hack


Inser your GROWID, gems diamonds and other resources that you want. Click Submit. Just wait until the process finish.

This is a game about obtaining and protecting items while having fun with genuine humans from throughout the world. Your products CAN AND WILL ALSO BE taken should younot keep them safe. That is the main gameplay, and stolen items won’t be restored. Every one of the things necessary to avoid theft are available in the sport. USE THEM WISELY!

Growtopia is a creative sandbox platformer MMO where you can:

* BUILD anything you can imagine – houses, dungeons, song, artwork, puzzles, etc
* COLLABORATE with real people – there have been over 12 million player accounts created, all in the same universe, no sharding!
* PLAY mini-games – parkour, surgery, quizzes, PVP battles, CTF, races, and more
* PROTECT items using an innovative lock system which allows you to give access to friends
* PLANT seeds to grow trees
* SPLICE seeds to discover hundreds of amazing items, with new items added constantly
* TRADE items in our secure trading system
* EXPLORE a universe of over 250 MILLION user-created worlds, all persistent and connected to each other
* COMMUNICATE using a full chat and messaging system
* EARN a single in-game currency entirely through gameplay
* See classic pixel graphics, optimized for small and large screens
* Hear the original soundtrack by Cory Mollenhour
* Your account is usable with clients on all platforms (Android, iOS, Win, and Mac)

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